Guitar Hero PS3 - A little info needed...

    IS there anyone out there who has Guitar Hero III on PS3 that can tell me straight IF the previous games on PS2 ie GH1/GH2 and GHRT80's play on PS3 using the new wireless controller? (IF they have tried it of course)

    Need to know before I shell out £60 on the PS3 version cos if the previous titles dont play on the PS3 then I'll just buy the PS2 version and keep my 2 existing wireless guitars!



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    Bump - anyone tried this yet?

    I checked this out before it came out and the answer is a straight no I am afraid, you will have to stick with the ps2 version

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    Nice one - cheers for that mate!

    I know there is an adapter available from the US that allows the PS2 controllers to be used on the PS3 console so for the sake of about £7 I might just take the risk and try that - saves me having to switch consoles to play different games!

    I have read up on those things I am afraid you will be just as dissapointed
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