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Found 15th Jan 2010
Hi, I want to get a guitar hero or rock band guitar for the Xbox 360 but I can`t find any good deals on them! Also which is better Guitar Hero 5, Lego Rock Band, Guitar Hero WT or Rock Band 2.
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best quality guitars are the lennon rickenbacker or harrison gretsch ones-they were on offer at hmv for 29.99(reduced from 90 quid)-far superior build quality and look lovely-I got the gretsch one and its very cool. some hmv stores still have them and they do keep going in and out of stock online.
Thanks looks good! Rep left
I've got all of them, I'd say the best ones are world tour & rock band 2!

Tracklisting isn't great on GH5, lego rock band & band hero are OK, beatles isn't bad.....
I'd rate them in this order.


They're all pretty good in all fairness, apart from GH5 which is totally pants in my opinion.

That is however based on my own musical taste.
RB2 is by far the best music rhythm game available. Also if you have xbox live I reccomend renting/borrowing rock band 1 as you can export all the songs to your hard drive for 400 ms points

Guitar wise I muchly prefer rock band's but it varies from person to person. The beatles ones are best but guitar hero metallica guitar + game is only £30 in hmv at the moment
is the hmv deal online or instore as can`t find it online?
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