Guitar hero trade in price?

    Does anyone know roughly how much Game or Gamestation would give for:

    Guitar hero 3 with guitar + box (Wii)
    Guitar hero 4 with guitar + box (Wii)

    and if they price match with HMV?

    I know that HMV are doing Guitar hero 4 full band kit for £99.99 and I would like to get it for the PS3 and get rid of my Wii kit, trading in and price matching seems to be the best bet if the price is right,

    Any ideas?


    well seeing that hmv are selling gh legends of rock with wirerless guitar for 32 pounds new i wouldnt think yould get a lot

    Original Poster

    Pop in earlier, Gamestation said £49 for both (that's total, not each), didn't bother with Game as they told me they don't price match.
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