Guitar hero world tour, HMV??

    right so im looking into pre ordering guitar hero world tour. both play and hmv have it for £149.99 and for a limited time you get a free bass guitar with the bundle meaning you pay £149.99 for

    Drum kit

    which i think is a good deal, although hmv will let me use student discount bringing it down to £134.99 which i think is a steal!!

    but i just wanna know, whats hmv like with getting pre orders to you on release day? when ordered off the web with the free delivery option?

    anyone have any ideas? and also when do they take the money out your bank? when you pre order or when its been shipped to you?


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    does no one pre order?

    HMV (and Play) only charge when your pre-order has been dispatched in my experience. Mine is on pre-order from Play as I haven't had a student discount for many years, more's the pity!

    I also find that both of them are pretty good at getting a pre-order to you either on or maybe a day (or two at most) either side of the release date with normal shipping.

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    hmm think i might give hmv a try since is such a good price for everything
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