Guitar Hero world tour Missing items

    Has anyone recieved their guitar hero band box and had any items missing?
    Well I had mine today from HMV and the feet are missing for the drum stand.
    I speak to HMV and they ask me to send the whole thing back. Why can they not just send out the feet? I would like to know if anyone else has had this trouble?


    Just bought one instore for Xmas. Might open it later and check its complete

    Most retailers will have the same rules because they'll need to send it back to the manufacturers/suppliers and they don't want another item to go to waste by just supplying you with the feet from another set.

    It's a shame this has happened, as you obviously purchased this in good faith and have now been inconvenienced.

    That sux

    just got mine delivered from GAME - I'll let you know if mine are missing too. Mines the PS3 version.

    you'd think they have a dedicated support team for the instruments, so stupid to make you send it back.

    By the way, ask them if you can take it back to a local HMV store and get it replaced there and then to save on delays and inconvenience but from what I remember, the online and instore departments are complete seperate entities, so it might not work but always worth a try. :thumbsup:

    Well another unhappy hmv customer,

    i have received mine today aswell for the xbox and the drum pads dont work at all, the xbox buttons do but drum pads, nothing,

    again iv rang them up aswell and they have said to send the whole thing back to gurnsey,

    I had a problem with mine, too - the green button wouldn't work on the guitar. Grainger Games, who I got mine from, wouldn't just let us return the guitar, either - had to disassemble the whole lot, and pack it all back up, and cart it back down to town. Nightmare...

    I don't see why they couldn't open up another pack, give us the guitar from that, and then send the other pacl back as the faulty one?

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    Well I did say I could take it back to the shop. hassle though. The box is big and oxford city centre isnt the easiest of places to get to with the car. But they said I couldnt. I said to them that I wasn't going to wait until monday to get a courier to collect, then a week for them to process and another week for it to come. 2 weeks from today I would have a new system.
    I'm sure I can think of a way of getting the feet I need. The box it came in is proving a useful stand at the moment.
    It is a great game though and fortunately everything works. Althoough am slightly miffed you need a wiimote for each device. I have two guitars and drums so now need another remote. Wish I had shot for the ps3 version. Same price and I wouldnt have to buy any more controllers.
    Oh well. Moan over.
    Still peeved about the missing feet.
    I have seen someone saying that are missing the foot pedal! quite a major piece that.


    ...I have seen someone saying that are missing the foot pedal! quite a … ...I have seen someone saying that are missing the foot pedal! quite a major piece that.

    On a different forum, someone else doesn't have the USB receiver for the drums! Even more of a major piece!


    bloody hell, i only got the guitar pack and havent tried it yet, ill be doing that when get home from work

    Just read on the Playstation forums that someone else has the whole stand missing from their drum kit....

    I bet there's this one bloke that's piecing together a full set by taking things from others, lol!

    Anyone that's having issues with Drum Sensitivity, can go ]here and request a Midi cable, to connect to your computer and tweak... you download the software from that site, too.

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    There is a section on the activision site for support. People have to email in with the bits they are missing and proof of purchase. Hopefully the result of this is my missing feet in the post!
    Thanks for the tip about drums.
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