Guitar Hero World Tour or Rock Band for Wii - Which One??

    I have decided to get one of the above for our wii since playing Rock Band at a friends on there XBox 360, now I only really want it for fun nothing serious so me and my hubby can compete etc. But which is the best one to get for the Wii??


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    We've got the Guitar Hero World Tour. Seemed logical as we already have GH3. Managed to get a deal with a free guitar, so we now have 3 guitars (!), drums and microphone - just enough for a family of 5!

    Hubby and I are both gutted though cos our 10 year old is a better drummer than pair of us!

    The game is fab - great graphics, easy to navigate and fairly quick 'plug and play'....

    I'd recommend it.


    i have played on both and i think personally guitar hero is better as you can win songs or unlock more songs the more you play...where with rock band you have to buy the extra games for more songs. however you might want to research into what games have what songs as they are quite old fashioned songs with both g.hero and, so its just wat songs you know more of realy...
    but in general both games have the same set up

    hope that helps
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