Guitar Hero World Tour Standalone Drums

    This may be of interest to a few of you.....

    "We are excited to announce that starting on February 15th, we will be selling our awesome Guitar Hero World Tour Standalone Drums at Best Buy and Gamestop retailers!

    The Standalone Drums are the same wireless drums that are sold in the Guitar Hero World Tour Full Band Bundle and include such features as 5 pressure sensitive pads and cymbals(!) to offer one of the most realistic drum playing experiences possible!

    So get ready to expand your band and pick up your drum set on Feb 15th!!

    * The Standalone Drums will retail at $99.99 (USD) and will be available exclusively through Best Buy and Gamestop retail locations.

    NOTE: The 2/15 street date for the standalone drums is for US/Mexico/Canada only. The standalone drums will be released in Europe and Australia at a later date. More details will be announced soon on exact street dates. "



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    had an assistant in GAME last week adamant thet the drums would not be released as a stand alone, now i can stop looking at the rockband drums on amazon with my mouse hovering over the buy button.

    not in UK tho

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    not in UK tho

    it says europe at a later date (that should include UK) so wont be too long. at least we know its on the way.

    wicked news! Been looking at the drums for a while, but already have two guitars and dont want a mic!

    Hmm....I'm not hanging on to a date thats not set. It could be another half year yet.

    these are apparently out in the uk this friday or next.....
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