Guitar Hero/Buzz accessories?

    Hi guys,

    I'm after a Guiter Hero Guitar and four Buzz buzzers for the PS2 please. Not the games themselves, just the accessories; is this even possible?!



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    That's excellent, thank you! Do you know if the Buzz controller is for a pack of four or just one though? There's no description and the title implies it's just for one, although I'm pretty sure they're not even sold seperately?!

    You're very welcome.:)

    Yes, it does seem that the buzzer description is singular and it doesn't help that there isn't a picture. You could try asking for clarification by email or telephoning customer services on 0800 2796620.

    This may help with the description:…es/

    No price or link but called a 'Sony Buzz! Buzzer'-pack of 4 +a product ID.

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    That's excellent, thank you so much once again!

    What a damn shame though, just saw them online at HMV and realised I had a £20 gift card; can't use it online tho! Bah.
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