guitar hero/rockband guitar help with guitar

    i picked up guitar hero for the ps3 at the weekend ( the metalica one with guitar ) , i was just wondering , would the guitar i got with it work with rockband ?

    ive looked online and alot of sites say no , but then i was reading theres been an update and i also read theres 3 kinds of guitar hero guitars and one does work with all the games , but i also dont know what guitar ive got , it looks familier to the les paul but points out more to the top

    anyone actually got both games and tested it out and knows what there talking about

    any help will be helpful and you will be repped in return


    Yes it will, I have the guitar from metalica bundle and it works fine on my copy of rock band 1!

    I take it, it's this one, with the metallica faceplate on it (i think from memory, you get both to choose from!)…jpg

    I'd make sure you update the game when/if you get it, as I always do, but I've never had a any problems!


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    yea thats the guitar , you got in on the ps3 ?

    i also read the 360 ones work fine , its just the ps3 ones that dont
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