Found 25th Aug 2016
I have a PC, guitar and an amp. I have been playing for over 10 years but consider myself an absolute beginner in terms of hardware because I am a bedroom player.

I'd like to be able to play my guitar and music from my PC through the amp. If I purchased a guitar mixer or a preamp, plugged my PC and guitar into it, then plugged my mixer/preamp into the amp, would I hear the music from the PC and horrific noise from my guitar coming out of the amp? (After reading that back, it's quite clear I don't know what I need)

Can someone recommend a solution and direct me to an item of hardware to solve my issue please?

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most small amps have an input for this, it is for connecting an external souce to play along with usually labellr Aux In or something similar, you just need the correct cable to connect it to your pc. What amp do you have?

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I have only one input socket and that's for my guitar, it's a basic one I got with my first guitar.

I'd buy a cheap amp with an aux input as suggested above. Plenty of cheap amps available on gumtree usually

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So the amp would have a guitar input and also an aux input?
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