Guitar out of tune Help!!!!!!!

    My electric guitar keeps going out of tune. I tune the high e, b and g but get to the d, a and low e and it pulls it all out of tune please can some one help me


    Are they new or old strings?

    If they're new, pull them up and down a few times (kind of stretching them), retune and repeat until they stay in tune.

    If they're old, buy some new ones.
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    Maybe need new machine heads/tuning pegs? Are they really loose, and easy to turn (i.e. no resistance when tuning up etc.)?

    Stretch the strings as stated. Don't be shy either, give them a good tug (?!?)

    Consider a locking top nut

    my sons guitar teacher told us when we had the same problem that the neck ( nut) needed adjusting, he did this by gently filing the notches so the strings sat better, now we only need to tune the guitar maybe once a month after the school lessons
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