Found 31st Mar 2008
I need a guitar stand for my son and the best brice I've seen is at Cash Converters - £6.99. However - I have issues with this company and their moral standing in society and would rather not line their pockets with any (especially not my) money. Does anyone know any other suppliers out there around the same price?
Not home bargains tho (cos theres not one anywhere close to me! lol)


Hi there,
You can pick them up at ASDA for about £7 as well.

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Brilliant - thanks for that - will check that out. Anything it better than Cr k converters

totally agree with you about cash converters - scourge of soceity -

argos £11.99 - if u have £5.00 voucher u can use that

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i dont have a £5 voucher but thanks anyway

Maplin have them and they are quite good ones

£8.85 @ ]AMAZON

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El Siccse;1807921

Hi there, You can pick them up at ASDA for about £7 as well.

Do you know which Adsa this might have been as my friend has just rung - he' s in asda at the moment and they are all looking at him like he's wierd - which of course he is but the reason they are looking at him weird in particular is cos hes just asked about guitar stands

Sorry only just checked back on this thread. I have seen them in the large ASDA in Stevenage. I just assumed they would all carry them.
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