Guitar tutor?

    I bought myself one of the electric guitar packages from ebuyer last week, problem is, i don't know how to play it.

    Does anyone know of anything on the internet that can help and is free??

    Rep available =


    I would definitely recommend guitar pro (as above) or if you live in the Northants area my partner is a guitar tutor!....great rates available

    I teached myself, I started playing simple songs one stirng, then a few weeks later i started playing the chords etc.

    after teaching myself for quite a while i found that alot of students made no progress because they wern't self motivated to play. And although self motivation is important for lessons - if you have it then at least for beginners you probably dont need lessons. invest in them after you get a feel for playing and your get more out of them. I was self tought then i went off to college and loved it

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