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I am planning on taking my triplets to gulliver's kingdom for a few days for their school break as they have never been in any theme parks before. I am on a very tight budget so I was thinking of buying tickets for them and then we will stay in a cheap accommodation. My questions are: what activities are there that is included for their £17.95 ticket and also any ideas of accomodation for three 7 year old and one adult that is near the theme park so that I do not really need to drive there, preferably between £30-£45 per night. Thank you for your advise and help in advance.
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I've been to gullivers kingdom matlock bath last year and just the other day by activities do you mean rides, my two kids are 6 & 9, the rides are perfect for this age i think we could go again next year before my daughter says it for little kids, there is enough for one full day we did all the rides and some of them twice, staff are really good, but it is very hilly, so smaller children would possibly find this tiring, time it right and there is not much queueing, some might say the park looks a little bit tired but i think its fine and kids wouldnt notice, enjoy your day out
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It's really a one day job been to both Matlock Bath and Warrington one. They are good for younger kids the age you have specified but u don't want stay there for 3 days maybe 2 would be fine. The cues are short and u can easily go on all the rides in 1 day the main ones get busier like the log flume etc but even then it's around 30 mins wait max on busier days. They usually have offers on for around half price at some point in the year keep a eye out
I suppose if u want stay for 3 days maybe u can go sight seeing in Matlock it's very beautiful area there's also a massive cable car the proper one aswell not sure what the price is for that but they do have there's for free aswell.a smaller sized one though. Looked it up it's called Abraham hights the cable car it's a bit pricey similar to the theme park.
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At 7 all the rides will be ideal for them, the only issue may be the cable cars which are pretty open and just seat 2, but there will usually be spare parents around should you be happier with 1 child/1adult on these. As the site is very hilly we usually take the cable cars to the top, go on the rides as we make our way down then take the cars back up and start again. You can take your own food in, there are plenty of picnic tables around, so that will cut down on the cost. As previously posted, two night stay may be sufficient. Matlock Bath is lovely but maybe not great for 7 great olds. The cable cars at the heights of Abraham are the main interest. Nearby Cromford has canal boat rides/walks, Ashford on the Water/ Monsal Dale the whole area is lovely but mainly attracts walkers. A little farther away is The Peak Wildlife Park, now that is great for that age. Lots of indoor and outdoor play and you walk among the lemurs, wallabys etc and they make the best pizzas ever.
I live near Matlock so know the area well, you will struggle for accommodation full stop near the theme park, it tends to be expensive aswell.
Thank you for all your comments and suggestions. I will keep them in mind.
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