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Gumtree ads no longer free?

Posted 14th Mar 2014
I'm looking to post an advert on Gumtree in my local area and across the UK offering web design/development for free. When I try to post the ad it is costing me £6 to post. Does anyone know a way around this or know of any other better sites for this?
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Why do you charge for certain ads?

In order to maintain the quality of responses expected from Gumtree, we need to continue to invest in improvements to the site, national TV advertising, online marketing and more.

The fees we’ve introduced only apply to business's, agents, landlords and others who post in our Jobs, Motors, Housing and Business Services categories.

If you are a small business or private individual, outside of London, who only posts a handful of job ads each year (2 or less) it remains completely free for you to post.
Similarly you can post two rentals ads each year, completely free of charge.

The money goes straight into making the site better for everyone. We think it’s fairer this way.
don't know why its charging you, I advertise my business for free
I had previously posted over 2 jobs on a different account however I made a new account for this. I'm logged in as the new account and I'm not trying to advertise in London.
It's free to advertise, but cost to be on first page for few days
Costing me £6 regardless of how I try to post in the services category. I have made a new account, used a different device, different connection. All cost £6. I can post in other categories for free though however I think that they will reject the advert.
I wouldn't say 2 was a handful, must have pretty small hands

I haven't paid for anything.
old thread i know, but ive never paid for 3 service ads i place weekly, until yesterday.
i dont know what has changed but all of a sudden they are charging, it only seems to be £1 per ad.
Tried to charge me £24.99 for a job advert.


after over a year they have now started charging £1 for ads in services.
They wanted to charge me 40pounds to post an add !

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