Found 7th Aug 2010
I recieved this in reply to a For Sale post I made on Gumtree:

i Was introduce to this site by a friend of mine in the office,Am
interested in buying this lovely item for a close friend of mine as a
surprise Gift.i will offer you £220 for the item including
shipping/insurance Via Royal Mail Express Mail Service. So kindly get
back to me with your registered PayPal email address for an instant
payment or if you don't have an account with PayPal, you can easily
set up an account with them through and get back to me
with the email you use to sign up. You can send me a money request to
mail(*email address*)
Hope to read from you pretty soon.
God Bless.

How does this scam work? Surely they don't part with any funds when you send them a money request? Maybe a fake 'You got funds' email?


if its thru paypal they have stolen paypal details , they 'pay' you thru the paypa,l so you post but the payment gets reversed.
LOADS of other paypal scams

dont give the scammers any tips or suggestions to why they are so obvious

DO NOT GIVE YOUR PAYPAL!! I heard some nigerians hack your account or something.

They will probably send you a fake paypal payment notification email. Hoping you will think its genuine and post the item.
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