Gumtree scams

    Listed a phone on gumtree, the amount of scam emails I have saying they work abroad and it's for there dads, sisters, aunties , cousins , friend is a joke.

    So how does it work ? Do they actually send the money and then I am expected to send the item to Nigeria and they what ? Reverse the payment or something?

    Are people really this stupid?


    Fake Paypal payment notification email I assume, or they claim it wasn't received and Paypal side with them, refunding them

    I was lookin for an apartment on gumtree n same issue askin me to send them money though to confirm NO CHANCE anybody who falls for it really needs to learn a few things bout online scams

    Yeah I've had similar with Gumtree. Infact the same guy tried it about 3 times lol!! What scares me is that there must be people out there who think it is genuine and fall for it.

    I was offered a million pounds if I would hold 10 million in my bank account for them....oh it was soooo tempting


    had numerous emails/messages from gumtree about them not being in the country and will i send abroad FFS


    i always get it about houses im trying to rent

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    So you don't know how it works, yet you call people stupid?

    Dont know how it works because I ain't a scammer, going by responses there is more than one way they could scam you.

    People who fall for it are stupid is what I ment, if you didn't know what I ment then what are you ?


    should be meant

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    should be meant

    Adn hte spllieng aawdr gseo two/too/to/2
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