Gunman shot dead in armed siege

    A gunman involved in a shoot-out with police in south-west London has been shot dead.

    The man fired three times at police officers at a property in Chelsea, who returned fire during the incident, which began at about 1700 BST.

    At about 2145 BST four explosions, thought to be stun grenades, were heard.

    Shortly after that paramedics were seen taking a stretcher into the house in Markham Square.

    Scotland Yard said it was now a matter for the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

    The IPCC confirmed it would be investigating.


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    The gunman first shot at police in Chelsea as officers investigated an incident where shots were fired into a child's bedroom.

    The gunman opened fire at 1700 BST, again at 2100 BST and then at about 2130 BST. On all occasions officers returned fire.
    Eyewitnesses reported seeing the sky light up with green flashes at the same time as the explosions and others heard glass breaking which suggests they might have been caused by a stun grenade.
    The incident is near King's Road which has been closed and large areas are cordoned off. Police responded after people reported gun shots being fired near the King's Road on Tuesday afternoon.

    this is slowly becoming the norm

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    My god if the kids had been in the house .....

    A woman told the BBC she called the police after the gunman fired three shots into her child's bedroom with a shotgun for "no reason".
    The woman added: "I've no idea who he is or why (he was shooting). I'm just grateful my kids weren't in the house.
    "The police came, I took them up to the bedroom to show them the damage that was done and you could see the guy directly across the way, aiming. "And we said 'be careful, he's shooting' and sure enough he took a shot at police and they started shooting back," she added.


    The radio was saying the guy shot was a barrister?

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    The radio was saying the guy shot was a barrister?

    Yes that's right

    slow news day on here isn't it?


    the cops killed him, one less prisoner for the tax payer to keep
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