bought a 42" plasma TV from Dixons on 11/10/07, getting delivered on 22/10/07.

    now they have reduced the price and by using a voucher code i can buy it today for £60 less.

    do you think i could get away with cancelling my order then buying again?




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    Yeh just cancel it and re-order it - might have to ring them though and they might just drop the price for ya save the hassle

    Within your distance selling rights you can return the tv within 7 days if you don't want it... If you call them & say you've now lowered the price, is there anything you can do? If they say no then ask to cancel the order... if they refuse to cancel then say you'll refuse delivery... and if all that fails then you can send it back within 7 days...

    It probably won't come to all of that if you just ring up and explain what's happened

    Just cancel it. If they give you any strife then say you wont accept delivery!

    I think phoning, canceeling and reordering should be straightforward though!

    Why do people say just refuse the delivery? This can cause further loss as they might charge you a re-delivery fee or re-stocking fee if it doesn't get delivered at all.

    As mentioned above, just ring them and explain the situation and they will probably refund the difference.

    Re-Delivery fees wouldn't apply and re-stocking fees are illegal. :thumbsup:

    This happened when I ordered my LCD a few months ago; just rang up and complained and they knocked the difference off the order.
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