Frankie Boyle has quit Mock the Week From his email;

    "And finally, I've decided not to do any more Mock The Week. I've done what feels like a good few thousand of them now and I feel I've mocked the **** out of the week. I salute everybody there (salutes). I'm going to concentrate on next year's tour and some other funny things I'm writing. Be careful out there everybody.

    Heil Hitler

    Frankie x"


    Comedy genius, real cutting edge.

    LOL i got the same on FB :lol:!!!!!

    ha thats the only thing he stood out on i think he is great but on a tour or interviews he sticks to the same stuff so he better get original the ***** lol

    my bro loves him but i just don't think he's funny. he tries too hard.

    If you're going to be gutted about anything at all ... then this sounds like an option.
    Is it true??

    awch, he's my fav aswell!!

    I won't miss him, I always thought he was a little too crude/rude.

    I thought he was funny years ago when he was mocking me for asking for ketchup for a freind's dinner in Edinburgh, and I thought he was one of the main highlights of Mock the Week. Any word on who will replace him?

    Frankie is the funniest person on T.V. he makes me crease every time.....


    hes ok.

    mock the week suits him more

    his stand up are all his jokes he does on mock the week

    hopefully he has some new material and becomes as rude and funnier than jimmy carr..who is another rude but good comedian

    I will miss him, he's the 'Prince of Darkness', crude jokes but very funny and no one else dare to say what Frankie say...

    a real shame mock the week wont be the same without him

    i hope david mitchell steps in, he did well when frankie was off the other week.

    People used to complain about his stand up being mostly material recycled from MTW. At least that will not happen now.
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