Gym Freaks

    Thought it was about time that all us gymers had a thread to discuss this great sport/hobby/obsession/addiction/resolution!!

    Tell us a bit about your gym habbits. How kean are you? Favourite muscles to work? Favourite excerise? Reasons for going to the gym? Supplements? Or just any tips advice or questions!

    Over to you guys....


    i want to join a gym but would feel to self consicious:oops: :giggle:

    ill start if off shud i?

    I love the chest press, although last week I went for the 2nd time this year (exams stopped me goin), I could barely do 15 of my usual weight :(. I hate the shoulder press, dont do it no more.

    I only do once a week, which is pretty lazy, although this year my uni timetable suits me for 3 gym days a week, id like to go 3 times a week but im too lazy.

    By the end of this year i'd like my abs to be developed such that I dont need to tense it for it to see it.

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    Nice one mug. Abs are the hardest to work. to get a good set of abs its about 70% diet!

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    Ill say mine.

    MY favourite exercise has to be a nice bench press or curls are also brilliant. I love working my chest biceps and triceps.

    At the moment i am addicted to the gym, last week i went 5 days! I love the burn you get from pushing your muscle to the absolute limits and its getting me pumped up just talking about it

    At the moment im bulking a bit more for another month-ish then its time to start cutting for the summer ;-)

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    i want to join a gym but would feel to self consicious:oops: :giggle:

    Why would you feel self consicious?! Ultimately everyone's there for the same reason, and you'd be silly to think that any is looking/laughing at you! :w00t:

    yeah...i used to feel a bit self conscious too...but then got over it and am now enjoying the gym a lot. i enjoy working on my abs (but thats mainly from pilates) and the treadmill...the music, the sweat and everything else keeps me going!
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