Gym membership deals for fitness first or other mixed Gyms

    are there any deals or discounts or codes/promotions for this gym that could make it cheaper. or any other mixed gym in north london

    I have one near me but there quite expensive compared to what i'm paying to go to a mens gym with probably better, although older equipment.

    Fitness First - one branch use prices.

    Joining fee - £45
    monthly for 12 months = 34.95 (£419 for 12 months) + Joining fee £45 = £464
    monthly for = 3 months = 45.95 (£137.85 for 3 months) if did it for 12 months this way £551.40

    Mens Gym I got to (but Im sick of seeing just men :viking: ).
    6 months = £150


    You not seen the insurance deals where you pay £18 a month and have free membership and life insurance?

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    no never heard about that before, where can i findout more info

    Hi JG where are you in North London?

    Original Poster

    tottenham area

    Ah okay im in North West and know a few local places, but not so local for you.
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