H. SAMUEL offers layaway on purchases.

Found 20th Aug 2013
Went in to H. SAMUEL yesterday looking for wedding rings. Naturally my fiancee wanted one we didn't have the cash for. Our credit isn't great and the lady serving us told us they will put the item back in the safe and you can pay it off in your own time after a 10% deposit. They put a voucher card with it and you load the money onto it. Once you pay off the balance the item is yours. No interest or fees. This is available in all their stores, they just don't advertise it for some reason.

Our wedding is next year and we have until then to pay it off.
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so you are paying off something before you have the item - you get it when money is paid.
alternatively - you could save up for the item and take it when you have the money.

have i understood correctly?
if so, you are worse off due to lost interest and inability to take bargains!
Also the risk if the company goes into administration etc..
I too would worry about doing that in case the company went under plus H Samuel really is over priced.

Know you were trying to help OP but this isnt something I would ever do - if I dont have the cash then I dont get it till I do. But would rather save the money in the bank.

if you can't afford a wedding ring i'd hate to see what you got her as an … if you can't afford a wedding ring i'd hate to see what you got her as an engagement ring which usually cost 10x as much

It was a package for both, also reduced to half price so close to the real price.
We went for the offer as we had to sell her old one ring due to loosing everything in a fire a few years ago and we needed money to get by. And before people ask, yes we do have insurance, but after 3 years AVIVA are still trying to get out of paying the claim. Replacing the ring wasn't a priority. We probably wouldn't if it wasn't for the layaway as we don't tend to save money in saving accounts as we always need something else. But I wanted her to have a ring again as I felt bad for having to sell her one. This option was right for us at the time. If it isn't for you, that's fine but I'm sure someone else will be.
People actually buy jewelry from H.Samuel...?
Well good luck to you.. the majority of their stuff is junk.
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