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Found 11th Mar 2016
Hi, I am hoping for some advice please.
I purchased a bridal set of wedding rings (engagement and wedding band) in January 2014
from h Samuel- I still have the receipt.

Thankfully I never used them! But they sat under my bed for 2 years. They are boxed unused and in pristine condition. I am now in a position to use the rings but do not like the style and would like to exchange them for an alternative set at hsamuel.
They still sell that ring set at hsamuel for £999.

I visited my local hsamuel store who advised me that 2 years is too longer time for them to exchange the product and that they couldn't exchange it. They said they normally allow people to exchange things up to 1 year.

I e-mailed hsamuel customer services and they were not helpful.

It would be great to hear your opinions on how I may be able to exchange the rings at hsamuel considering they still sell them!!!

eBay is an option but would loose a lot of money off the rrp

Look forward to your advice!
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Sorry to say but i think there is little you can do mate, They are not obligated to exchange after their returns policy has expired it will likely only be by the discretion of the store manager, the option of selling them to purchase new ones may be your only option as far as consumer rights are concerned
have you tried exchanging without a receipt? I doubt they'd refund you but they might exchange it or give you a gift card. I've never tried returning something so expensive and to be honest I wouldn't give you a refund either after so long for such an expensive item.
Try another store and say don't have receipt you just want to exchange them as due to unforseen circumstances they are no longer suitable
As above, see if they'll exchange them for you without the receipt. Don't mention they're 2 years old, if they still stock the rings there shouldn't be a problem.
Great thanks for the advice- will try without the receipt and see how it goes.

Thanks for the quick replies
Buy the same item online, return it via post or alternative store for a refund. Print your online receipt/order details and return the old set to the store with the newly dated receipt and ask to exchange
Not for a minute saying it's morally right or anything I would do... Just offering an idea
I am all for answering the op's original question without judging, but I am amazed at how many devious people are on here this morning
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2 years is a long time and they have a reason as they know many marriages don't last long and so
people are looking to return wedding items. Sorry but you will have to take a loss
Haha thanks for the ideas eljoeyo.
Sounds like a good idea, I guess no one is losing out here however I suspect they log all there items so will probably find on the system that the rings have been returned twice!

Great idea though. I think I may to take a hit.
I wouldn't even entertain going back to H Samuel again. I think your best option would be to list on eBay with good quality photos. Firmly impress that the rings have not been worn and do not mention reason for selling. Definitely state that they can still be bought from H Samuel and give the style no. Etc. I would list at 50% of purchase price and see what happens. Unfortunately many do not like the idea of buying 2nd hand wedding or engagement rings. If you do sell them for less than you wanted just put it down to experience. I would then buy a new set off eBay and grab a bargain as many are sold precisely for the same reason you're selling yours. High Street retailers have such a big mark up on emotional bought items.
Trying to return something to a shop that you bought over 2 years ago? 2 YEARS?! Seriously? oO
Thanks for the advice toptrumpet sensible advice.
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