H55U7BUK VS pus7334

Posted 7th Nov

What's your opinion on the better set?
Ips vs va?
TV would be positioned in the corner so don't think ambilight would be effective?
Is the android tv platform any good?
Looking to get a new TV 50 or 55 inch for under 500.
Main use streaming apps netflix etc.. and Nintendo switch.
Any help gratefully received
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IPS has better viewing angles if your putting it in a corner. Contrast and blacks better on the VA.

Do you not fancy a 65" ? Some cracking deals around. And 65 seems to be the new 55
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If your going for Hisense the U8B is least 100/120hz.
If the TV is going to be viewed from any sort of angle you’ll be better off with IPS. Some of the panels Hisense are currently using have extremely narrow viewing angles and lower than average contrast ratios for VA panels. I had the U7B’s predecessor, the U7A (65”) and was thoroughly disappointed with it, grey blacks and lots of banding. Local dimming was poorly implemented too. Out of the two I would be more inclined to give the Philips a go.
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