Hacked email ?

    Got the following email yesterday saying I'd signed up for Runescape. problem is I haven't, and the postcode quoted is no where near me.

    I've sent an email off to the company who sent it saying its not me, and my Paypal account isn't that email address (luckily)!

    Anyone else had anything similar or can advise me on what else to do (if I have missed anything glaringly obvious).


    Change password?


    and make sure your email password is the most secure one imaginable

    amazes me how people think its not that important when in actual fact it probably can have the most problematic financial consequences should it get hacked (online banking, paypal etc password changes are easy once you get into someones email account).

    Many people get spam like this every day. Best to just delete them without even opening them. You really shouldnt have replied. Now they know your email account is in use and its likely you will get more.
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