Hacking in call of duty 4, waw, mwf2, been affected by psn update?

    I'm interested in getting these titles.

    I know these games have been plagued with hackers just wondering if theirs been a change with the amount of hacks/hackers in game due to the update?

    Did the update affect the hackers in these games?


    I haven't seen any hackers since the updates, fingers crossed it stays that way. Although I have noticed that the MW2 stats have been frozen ever since PSN's come back online.

    I saw a hacker a few days ago, and another today who was one of my mates and got me to 11th prestige and I got infected by it and gave 11 to a few of my friends =D

    there is one annoying thing about it, when you press select a message appears in the top left corner.

    mwf2? modern warfare fare 2?......war---fare?

    i was bored so put my grammatical logic machine in to overdrive
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