Hacking threat 'exposes every iPhone in the world' to takeover by criminals

    Criminals could take control of every iPhone in the world via text message, owners are being warned.

    Hackers could exploit a newly discovered flaw in Apple's handset to control its key functions - stealing data, making calls, surfing the internet and sending texts.

    Security experts warn that hackers could soon hijack any of the world's 21million iPhones for identity theft and other crimes.


    Mr Miller and Mr Mulliner said they warned Apple of the flaw in the … Mr Miller and Mr Mulliner said they warned Apple of the flaw in the middle of July, but that the company has yet to release a 'patch' to fix it.

    An update (OS 3.1 beta3 Build 7C116a) has been released to developers, more than likely this exploit will be patched.

    yeah but, surely if you open the text then theres a threat?.....if you don't recognise the message delete it

    Thats it, they'd need to know your email address and know your accessing it via an iPhone.


    meh who cares

    Apple fix to security flaw ]BBC.
    It's available to download at Itunes


    21 million x £350 per handset avg = 7.35e+9

    if you feel you are worried by this iphone issue, text " □ " or the word square to ... ... .. lol

    I don't have an iphone, just got the HTC touch pro 2 this morning.

    If someone did manage to exploit it.. I hear (rumour!) that apple has put a kill switch in each iphone... which can immobilise the phone.

    The End Is Nearrrrr

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