Hackintosh Samsung NC10

    I would like to know how to do one of the following to my Samsung NC10 netbook which runs on Windows XP:

    1) Where to get a DECENT theme that makes the OS look like Leopard and how, or...
    2) Where I can download a copy of Mac OS X and how I can install it

    Thanks, I will give rep


    Its not that simple a process, just google how to run osx on a NC10 there are still driver issues tho, tbh I haven't done it yet because the way the NC10 is handling vista ultimate and windows 7 for me is really impressive I am running it stock too no 2gb of ram yet, with the latest intel drivers aero looks great and with a little codec tweaking have been watching 720p movies on it which look great with the led superbright screen.

    Where to get the files: learn about torrents, the benefits and the drawbacks :P

    apart from a couple driver differences a guide to install on an msi wind or a lenovo s10 will get u the same info.

    If you can put up with just making it *look* like a Mac OS, WindowBlinds might work.
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