had an excellent day at legoland yesterday then get home and the **** hits the fan!

    spent a brilliant day at legoland no lines, great staff etc. then after a 4 hour drive we get home to find a message from the hotel ( holiday inn express slough) we stayed in the night before telling me they have ME on CCTV BUMPING another car! the cheeky sods! had to wait till the duty manager came on duty today to sort it out. She said she saw on the cctv me reverse my car out and bump a car then drive off! what really happened was i had to climb over the passenger seat to get into the drivers seat cos the bloody white van had parked so close i couldnt open the door, he also clipped my front bumper ( my car is green and green paint on his white bumper) anyways i reverse out then stop to see if i had any room behind me to keep reversing or would i have to keep going back and forth, saw i had another 4 foot so reversed and drove off, not at any time did i bump another car. so when i explained all this to the duty manager from the hotel she told me they would not be getting involved but did advise the owner of the other car to contact the police, I am fuming!
    then last night i opened my new bank statement to find even more fraud on there to mobile phone companies, so as you do i cancelled my card disputed the transactions and left it at that until i phoned the fraud department today who told me the card was not cancelled nor where they transactions disputed! so they told me they would do it and i didnt need to cancel my card. now i thought hmm fraud card bank account hmm not right here so popped into the branch and spent 2 flamming hours in there trying to get the mess sorted, after 6 phone calls to fraud and customer service toget the card cancelled, the transactions didputed and to be told i cant close my account and open a new one.. so what was the point of the 2 hours then?? who knows! made a formal complaint and the manager from my branch has just phoned me to tell me to pop in tomorrow to open a new account with them and i'll have to let ALL my direct debit companies know the new account! soo after holding an account with ABBEY for 22 years and the last 2 months with fraud on my account im leaving!
    sorry for the rant and thank you for reading.


    Unlucky man
    Hope everything gets sorted though!

    Hope u sort it hunny x


    Very bad luck there


    very helpful of the hotel not getting involved. Hopefully they'll hand their tape to the police to proove yr innocence. As for banks they're impossible a big :thumbsup: for dumping them and going elsewhere.

    abbey is sh!t. use another bank, open a new account, and let the account transfer service automatically move all your direct debits. after i had a real bad experience with them, and their woking branch manager trying to hide the episode from their head-office, i wouldn't deal with them anymore. this was before santander. they are not doing you any favour by holding your bank account.

    hey you could have left a note on my car saying you hit it, instead of driving off.

    only kidding, lol


    They say BAD Luck comes in three's .......................:w00t:

    Terrible bad luck, thankfully the cctv will sort out the "bump" problem.
    Also you can be £100+ better off..................
    switch your current account to Alliance & Leicester and get £100
    plus possible £50 quidco also.................
    ( plus free travel insurance or 5% interest depending on which aacount you choose )

    eeek, erm, here's some chocolate. And a beer.


    aww poor you what a day x x

    Glad you had a good day at LegoLand.
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