had anybody had any experience with talk mobile? Info needed for note 7 deal

    I have seen a deal from mobilephonesdirect for the note 7 where you pay £402.99 up front, then £17.50 per month for 2000 minutes 5000 texts and 4 gb of data. £732.99 in total. (You dont get the headset though) Does anybody know if they are a 4g network or if they it is a reliable network


    wouldn't bother their reception is crap and don't get me on about there mobile data.

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    Ok. It seems a good deal for what you get considering its £699.99 for the handset alone. What are your opinions on Vodafone. I've spent the last couple of years with ee and before that I was with orange.

    Talk mobile use the vodafone network but they don't offer 4G, just 3G
    I find coverage okay, and the 4G isn't an issue for me as where I live and work don't have 4G currently
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    Ok. Not being 4g would be the deal breaker for me. I'm considering the Vodafone deals from the same site. It costs more and you get slightly less internet at 3 gb (but I only normally use 2 anyway) and u get the vr headset.

    Note 7 without 4g if you travel around is not good enough..Try something else.

    I use ee and travel around and find their 4g useless, I have turned it off now.

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    I'm surprised at that, I've had no problems with ee's 4g. Do either of u have any experience with Vodafone?

    i would never go back to them , my phone was faulty and they did not repair it, who ever you go with, go through top cashback, i got £70.00 for joining with talk talk

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    go back to who, Vodafone? I looked on tcb for mobile phones direct but couldn't find anything. Btw thanks for the replies

    I meant i would never go back to talk talk, you could try if you want through top cash back and get some money

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