Had to mount a kerb to let ambulance past, will it have put my tracking out?

Hello all,

New to the car world so excuse my lack of knowledge.

Had my car in for a service same day tracking was out so had it redone.

On way home ambulance needed to get passed had no choice to mount kerb slowly. Will I have now put the tracking out again? Does mounting kerbs put it out?



No you dont have to do it again.

if as you said it was slow and controlled i would say no, you do more damage on our roads hitting potholes in normal driving speeds

Probably not as it was slow and controlled. Tracking is normally put out by hard impacts, like pot holes or kerbs at speed. Don't worry about it

Original Poster

Thanks guy I appreciate your helpful advice

I mount the kerb 90% of the time I park on a main road. As long as its slow and controlled you'll be fine.
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