Posted 21st Oct 2019
We have been quoted a renewal quote for AA cover. This is the first year that we have had the renewal and I have read that you can haggle the AA membership if you call and say you want to cancel then apparently they will offer you a lower renewal quote.

Anyone done this? We have silver membership benefits but I read you can get very cheap AA cover if you choose 'basic' AA membership, which only cover the car and only for a maximum of 2 call out a year.

Anyone got AA basic cover? If you do, do you still get the AA discount at restaurants etc? Our AA membership is used just for these discounts as we already have AA membership cover through the car manufacturer, but apparently as that is third party, we can't get the restaurant / pub discount.

We eat out regularly so the saving we make from the AA discount far surpasses the actual membership cost so we don't want to lose this but we would like to get the membership as cheaply as possible.
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