Haggling price for a wedding reception venue

    My fiancee and I are getting married in June 2013 and have just provisionally booked the reception venue - not paid anything yet, this is just for them to hold the date for us while we make up our minds 100%.

    The venue has two function rooms but you can pay an extra fee to have exclusive use of the venue, and we've said we wanted this. The fee will be £3850 or around that mark for exclusivity in 2013 but they've told us that they'll knock £500 off of that since we are having 20 over the minimum number of guests (meaning more drinks revenue for them). The cost for the food and the rest is around £4500 so in total it's around £7850 for everything we want from the venue.

    Since we've not paid any money yet, and not agreed to anything, will it be worth trying to haggle the price down a bit? They knocked the £500 off easily without us asking, which makes me think they can afford to reduce the price a bit, but on the other hand I don't want to run the risk of losing the venue for us as we both love it.

    Any help or advice please? Thanks in advance.


    no harm in trying to save a few more pounds

    If you don't ask you'll never know :thumbsup:

    All they can do is say no.

    Defo ask.

    I organised a ball and after some haggling got 30% knocked off the food and venue price. They made up for it from the drinks bill as we had athletes there who drank the beer dry lol

    We haggled and got 2.5k knocked off.

    As said if you don't ask you will not get.

    Last year my niece got married at the Hilton Hotel and I managed to negotiate the price from £6500 to £4000 which was for 300 guests, waiters included and also corkage for all alcoholic drinks (beer and spirits) which we provided.

    So I would say give them a price of around £5000 and see where you get. Believe me they will want your business.

    Good luck :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Ok thanks for the advice we'll give them a price we would be happy to pay. I am just a bit worried that they will say they don't want our custom if we keep haggling too hard but I suppose that'd be silly of them.

    For 2013 I would be a bit wary about haggling too much. At this stage if they were to turn you away they would still easily fill the date (especially considering your date is in prime wedding season).

    I speak from experience (kind of lol). I'm a photographer and I wouldn't move on my prices whatsoever for next year, never mind 2013, because I don't need to. So just be careful. It can't hurt to ask!
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