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Found 20th Apr 2016
I was looking to book a holiday with Thomson from 12/07/16 for a week. And for the destination i'd like to go to the price quoted is £808 flights and hotel.
Is there anyway I can haggle it down to say £700? (This maybe quite audacious) But even haggling it down a touch less that the quoted price?
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You can try. nothing to lose. Just say you are on a budget and you wont have much to spend
while you are there etc.. good luck.
Online is normally cheaper than the shop, some shops will price match the online price, some charge a fee on top, topcashback site pay 2% cashback, never had an issue getting it.
I've done it before now, but then they got wise to me & refused to budge on the price. Have a look online for something similar, it will be a lot cheaper too.
I've never got a discount off the cost but I've managed to get extras such as insurance, extra luggage allowance, free car parking and taxi transfers for free. Cooperative Travel, Thompson and First Choice have all done this for me.
Back in Jan we priced up our Thomas Cook holiday online and then took the printout to one of the shops. Asked them if they could beat that price as if I booked online I would be looking to get cashback... They immediately discounted it to bring it to around the same price as with cashback - but this was obviously guaranteed unlike cashback, and also didn't take into account that cashback is only paid pre-taxes! Not sure they'll reduce it by as much as you would like but you could try...? Also might be worth trying to see if a different travel agent can do the same holiday cheaper?
I've had them beat a competitor's price , throw in free flights to Heathrow from my local airport and free parking but I was spending significantly more than £800 . If you don't ask you don't get but I doubt you'll get that much off . They can sell a holiday at that price to any number of people . May have more luck with extras as others have said
Try doing it yourself, check flight prices and accommodation prices separate(remember to add transfers and baggage)
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