Posted 7th Sep 2020
So, today I had the dreaded reality of my current contract coming up for expiry, with the prospect of 18 month contracts looming overhead I had to call for offers.

like many here varying results have onsued with my current bill of £47 being offered at £44/£42 after two phone calls. for just 350mb broadband

I've bit the bullet and told them I'm leaving after the second phonecall, now, will they call me within the next 30 days with a better offer, or can I call them again and hope for a better deal.

I've been looking at 4g SIM and router ideas but I need stability whilst gaming and ping is a big issue with 4g apparently.

so. what are my real world options going forward?

Do I play the waiting game or is there any other ways to get a better deal?
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