Haggling with VirginMedia.

Posted 30th Mar
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I did the exact same.. (Newbie here, just joined to post this so more folks can save ££££)

I put my notice in on a week ago as the deal was coming to an end and the new package was £50 odd - so phoned in and said I want to cancel and bla bal (the usual lot).. They "Retentions" offered £38 for the same package which I refused and were very very pushy to cancel my contract and tried to scare me a number of times saying "You wouldn't be able to get any other provider at this time cause of what's going on (COVID-19)" which I thought was VERY grim of them to use that as an excuse.

@MATTHEWTAYLOR95 {{ BTW looks like you were on the same package as me (100Mb + Phone + Basic TV). }}

So anyhow, got a phone call today offering to keep the package as is for £33 or take only broadband for £21 (50Mb) or £5 incremental for the next one up (£26 - 100Mb, etc). Eventually, opted in for 200MB instead, while keeping all the other services so the new package is £38 200Mb + Phone Line + "Big Pack" incl the free lot stuff TV pack (which seems like the basic pack they offer now, They just played with words to make it sound better, haha chancers).

TBH, I think I could have haggled more and refused to take this and hoped to get a even better deal out, but I didn't wanted to chance it with everything what is going on just now (COVID-19) so would be too much of risk. PS, There is more than one way to skin a cat.

And I would hate to leave Virgin purely because of the broadband since all other providers only goes upto 60-70Mbps in my area so much rather stick with them for now unless I do get better options, i.e., HYPEROPTIC - which would be top notch, if I could bloddy get it, 1GB for £50 odd quid if not less, nae bother..
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Got 200 for £20 about 6 weeks ago, the virus may be an excuse but could become a reality of lockdown gets tougher and many won’t want engineers in their houses or companies don’t have staff available.
I told them I was leaving after continuous price increases and they wouldn’t do jack **** for me... the best they offered me was over £30 for 50mb fibre went ahead with my cancellation and never got a call back with a better offer. I will probably return as a “new customer” when my current broadband contract ends and then leave again when that offer finishes.
Me too, not worth the money.
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