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Posted 10th Apr 2013
My son has just bought a Haier HWD- C1200TXVE washer/dryer that was advertised as fully working & recently serviced but had been sat in a garage for 3 months.On plumbing it in it washed ok but when it came to drying it is coming up with err13 (error13), on looking on the internet different answers are given in that it is the door not shut properly, a dryer heater problem, filter or drain pipe blockage.Does anyone have any knowledge of this machine before i request a refund in case it is something simple, all pipes, filters and door look ok, thanks for any replies
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Err13 Dryer heater error .
Please contact the Service Center
thanks, i read that aswell from the manual , on asking the seller though she said when she had err13 it was a blockage in the waste pipe so am keeping my fingers crossed its fixable without needing the expense of an engineer
Err1 ¬ Washer door is not properly shut .
Shut the door properly
Err2 ¬ Drainage error . Water is not emptied
within 4 minutes .
Clean the filter and check the drain hose for blockage .
Remove filter in case any water remains in the unit .
Err3 ¬ Temperature sensor error .
Please contact the Service Center .
Err4 ¬ Heater error or laundry overload . The set
temperature is not reached within specified
time . (Appears at the end of a cycle) .
Reduce load and start washing again .
Please contact the Service Center .
Err5 ¬ Water level not met within 8 minutes .
Check the tap and the water pressure .
Err6 ¬ Dehumidification/heating error .
Please contact the Service Center .
Err7 ¬ Motor overheat error .
Please contact the Service Center .
Err8 ¬ Water overflow .
Please contact the Service Center .
Err9 ¬ Error of the dryer temperature sensor .
Please contact the Service Center .
Er10 ¬ Error of the water level sensor .
Please contact the Service Center .
Er12 ¬ Error of the dryer water level sensor .
_ Check whether clothes are dry or not and whether there is
water still in the drum . If so allow excess humidity to
escape from the appliance and try the drying cycle again .
Er13 ¬ Dryer heater error .
Please contact the Service Center .
unb ¬ Laundry is unevenly distributed .
Redistribute laundry to balance the drum .
EUAr ¬ Communication error .
Please contact the Service Center .
1:16 ¬ Status information: remaining program time is 1 hour and 16 minutes .
0:01 ¬ Status information: remaining program time is 1 minute .
60°C ¬ Status information: Wash temperature is 60°C .
--°C ¬ No heat (cold wash) .
0 ¬ No spin .
800 ¬ Status information: Spin speed 800 rpm .
L--1 ¬ Manually selected code when laundry weight is less than 1kg .
L--A ¬ Manually selected code when drum is nearly full .
End ¬ Program is finished

Id get a refund.
i think i agree, just doesn't make sense to list an expensive item like this saying it all fine then have the hassle of refunding and having the item back when it's not...the seller seems genuine so is why i'm wondering if it's to do with the 3 months storage or transporting it maybe....really don't fancy the return journey as it was quite far
Either take the return journey and get a refund or contact the service center to arrange a repair. dont think it will be cheap though. have you checked for blockage in waste pipe just in case?
I am calling up to my sons this afternoon to have a good look at it before i request a refund, his first baby is due in 3 weeks and it was a relief to have ticked this box ...or so we thought :(...thanks for your help,it's much appreciated
Haeir is a scam company. Just look at the comments on Facebook (almost all ignored)
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