Found 13th Jul 2009
Does anybody know how you can sharpen them?
My OH alwys shaves my hair for me as it saves me some pennies every month ... plus i think she likes to do it lol, but they've now gone blunt and hurt to hell when she's trying to shave my head. I think she secretly enjoys this more!!
Does anybody know how to get them sharpened or is it a case of just throwing them away and buying a new set?
Only had them a few months.

REP left for any help, thanks guys


Throw em out & get some with ceramic blades.

They auto sharpen as they cut. Had some for about 7 years now & they are as sharp as ever

Give them a good clean, and put a little oil on the teeth.

If still no good, get new ones.

think you'll have to chuck them soz..... should have lasted longer than a couple of months tho

When you can get a new set for £15-£20 it's probably not worth getting them sharpened, even if you could find someone to do it. Just think, you can get 20 sets of clippers for the price of 1 of JFK's fantasy haircuts (including tip!).

magough, as mentioned before, get ceramic ones. They're so much better you'll not know she's started. I personally use Wahl dog grooming clippers (no Joke!!). If you think these can get through the worst dog knots, then they breeze through human hair. Worth every penny.

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Thanks for the advise guys, all Rep'd.
Would these do the job? Do they have the ceramic blades you mentioned?

"high carbon steel blades"


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Any ideas on price or where i'd be able to get some ceramic ones from?

Mine were £25 from a Remington outlet.

Have a look on Ebay for a price guide
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