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Found 30th Mar 2010
im a blonde but over the years have been going darker, untill my last home dye went a little over the top, its far too dark (this was a good 6 months ago now) so now i have roots im growing my hair for my wedding updo, im wondering if there anyway of colouring it a bit lighter (at home) ive tried the xxl lightner tried that about 3 months ago, it didnt do anything but reading the box it says it only works if your have naturally dark hair, i was hoping the colour might have faded enought to colour over, but doesnt seemed to

any help
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Not sure about re-dyeing tbh,
Maybe if there are any hairdressers on the board they could comment.

When i was younger i dyed my hair every colour under the sun almost !
One time i went too dark but was reluctant to get it stripped back professionally.

I was advised by a hairdresser to buy a small bottle of 30% peroxide and add it to my shampoo, so that each time i washed my hair it would naturally lighten it a little.

I used to put the shampoo on a couple of times a week and leave it in overnight, and after a few weeks my hair had lightened considerably.
Point of note though is that cos it was applied to my whole head it did lighten my roots aswell, not majorly but a little.

I dont know about the advice from a professional standpoint, but it did work for me.
I'd get some professional advise though.
Even just go into a salon and say you feel it's too dark and where thinking of having it stripped back and see what they say, just to get a proffessional opinion on it.
snowflake;8248838 is very good :thumbsup:

Ahh, looks good, never had that when i needed it ! lol

have you used it ?
snowflake;8248838 is very good :thumbsup:

More info with some reviews here....…76/

Yes I have used it and yes it works, you will need to colour your hair to … Yes I have used it and yes it works, you will need to colour your hair to what you want afterwards but it will take you back pretty close to what you were before and I dont think it has bleach in it so it doesn't seem to harm the hair, but read the reviews and I dont think there are many negative ones if any ;-)

Sounds good,

will have to keep that in mind for future reference if i ever have another disaster, lol
thanks guy rep given
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