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I saw an advert about a month ago for hair gel, it had people skating or something & it was advirtised that if you used it & wore a helmet it wouldn't lose it's shape & your hair would spring back up.

Firstly, does anyonke know what it was called?

Secondly, does it actually work?

I wear a motorbike helmet when I go out with my mates, it's only on for 5-10 minutes but my hair is crushed down onto my head when I get to wherever I bike to & I don't like the way it looks so may give the product a go if anyone has tried it before or just knows what it's called as I need some new gel anyway.



its shockwave hairgel

Studio line gel i think

Buy a hairmet

Don't use this stuff

Its called L'Oreal Studio Indestructible Gel - Extreme Hold with elastic resistance. I brought some yesterday for my boys from Wilkinsons £3.25. They've had hoods on, because its raining and their hair is still upright and styled. They think its great - better than the shockwave and fructis stuff they talked my OH into buying at the weekend!

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Thanks alot for the replys, that's the one, studio line indestructable gel, I will pick some up tomorrow & give it a go.

I'm liking the hairmet, I was thinking there was a gap in the market but obviosly not haha!

Nothing wrong with cameron there, at least you will be able to find here in a crowd

Reps to all!!!


You going to post a pic with a stupidly big hair-do!?

My husband has it and it does appear to work as he wore his cycle helmet the other day and his hair looked the same when he took it off, he was very impressed!! Keep an eye out as Sainsburys have recently had it on BOGOF so we keep stocking up on it.

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No pictures from me, just got back from tunisia, been ill last night & havent slept for nearly 2 days because of it. Not in the best state at the moment lol.

CHeers for the review annie, sounds good, no sainsburys near me though =[

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Bought some today from Body Care, it cost £2.89 but was buy one get one free.

Will try it out tomorrow when I go out.

Thanks alot

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