Hair Gel

    Bit random but just wandering what products the blokes on here use.

    I currently use Dax: Short and Neat to style mine, but it's quite waxy and isn't very nice to the touch - and I have to wash my hair twice to get it out.

    Basically I'm looking for one that works on short hair and that also LASTS!

    Used one before that even the slightest breeze knocked the gel out.

    Many thanks


    I normally use the cheap stuff! Does the job just as good! Smells ok too.
    This is similar sort of stuff.

    Dad and brother both use good old fashioned bryyl (spelling is wrong I know) cream and find it works well. One has very short hair, one has long hair

    hi my boys use the "l'oreal studioline indestructible gel " its in a black tube can buy form boots or supermarkets and it does not move very good and only need a little as very strong, hope this helps! :thumbsup:

    I'm not a bluerk but have you tried Paul Mitchell products?They are a bit pricier but very good and last for ages,both on yer hair and coz you do not need to use much,out of the container.
    They are available to buy from many hair salons.My hubby started to use mine and now I have to buy it for him as well!

    That reminds me,need to book a cut and blow;-)

    Original Poster

    It's a shame you can't try before you buy

    Thanks to all that have replied so far - will look into them.

    Brylcreem Modelling Gel

    L'Oreal Moisturiser Pure Matte is great too for skin

    Followed by a splash of Dior Higher.

    im not a i use Tigi bed head manipulator - best hair stuff out there

    Joico Con_text
    Pricey and like gold dust to buy now

    Holds, not greasy at all, washes straight out - Been using it for over two years and can't find anything that compares.



    Is the next question - What make-up do you guys use?

    Don't be girls :giggle:



    Gel!?Is the next question - What make-up do you guys use?Don't be girls … Gel!?Is the next question - What make-up do you guys use?Don't be girls :giggle: :thumbsup:

    Nothing wrong with looking good mate :thumbsup:


    Gel!?Is the next question - What make-up do you guys use?Don't be girls … Gel!?Is the next question - What make-up do you guys use?Don't be girls :giggle: :thumbsup:

    since when has taking an interest in and care of yourself been the sole domain of the girls?



    Nothing wrong with looking good mate :thumbsup:

    I know, thats why I do :thumbsup:

    Matt effect moulding paste - twist the hair again and again.

    Expected result:
    Hair has body, control and matt effect.

    For all hair types.
    Perfume: Licorice.
    Hold: Strong.

    Use: On dried hair, to finish: work a small quantity of Clay between the fingertips - apply and style, personalising each section by twisting the hair.

    And it works.

    Or this:

    But I do not buy the Dirty Trix one, I just get loads of free samples from the hairdressers. Good stuff too. They also do a sticky gum type stuff too.

    Original Poster

    nice one, cheers

    Fudge or Brylcreem gel (one of my neighbours works for Sarah Lee so we get loads of brylcreem and radox stuff free)
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