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    For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to bleach my hair:oops:
    Its turned into a disaster!
    My hair is about 5 different shades of White and Yellow and my scalp is red raw:-(

    Im thinking of trying to dye it back to brown, but heard this could turn it Green.
    Any hair experts on here that could advise me, please?



    unlucky :-( i think i would leave a few days before dying it again (not a hair expert)

    Buy a hat.

    Seriously. Let your scalp calm down before you start to think about putting anything more on your hair.

    Ouch :-(

    Maybe pop into a hairdressers for advice on recolouring and what would be best for you? If you are going to try and fix it yourself, maybe dont let on but get their advice and say you are leaving it a week or 2 before you do anything, so they don't push you into booking an appointment.

    It's probably what I would do as you can't get much better advice I reckon. good luck :thumbsup:

    Your Not Supposed To Use PARAZONE!!!

    Haidressers would be extremely expensive to correct this.
    How come the 1st colour you did went wrong? Have you coloured your hair in the past.
    I'll explain what happened to me a couple yrs ago.Well to stat off with I'm dark blonde/lightbrown,my hair usually is a bit lighter in Summer cos of sun.
    Anyway I decicded to dye it black one day,was semi permanent,last so many washes,that went fine.
    It eventually washed out and many mths later I decided to go for a blonde,but choose permanent,and it basically went really orangey,it took on the top of my hair which was several inches cos that had never had he black dye on it cos it was new growth of hair.
    Basically even tho the black semi - permanent looked like it washed out,it obvisouly still had the chemicals etc on the hair and thatas what made the blonde colour go orangey. I also used this blonde colour,same brand same shade yrs before and it went fine.
    I let my hair settle down for a few days,and washed it normal,it seemed fine,like wasn't breaking off,and I went and bleached blonde it,some dye containing peroxide or other,and that someway corrected it,well the orangey part was quite orangey.
    So yeh this is the funny part how it looked a little later on,when the roots started groing through again,it was my own natural hair colour,I had dark blonde/light brown at very top,then bleach blonde,then I had a orangey colour. Some guy said he really liked it and he said it was like a characters hair would be in a computer game or something,I said nope it wasn't meant to be accident with messing about with home colouring went wrong.
    As for going to the hairdressers,well if you go to correct it,make sure you choose 1 carefully who not going make it worse,migth be helpful for you to take in the packaging if you still got it what you put on your hair and of course to know what you had on your hair recently before that.
    I would think it be very expensive depending on what they need to do in your case,I did enquire myself about my mistake and they quoted me around £80 to correct it,no gurantee they could.I passed and put up with it.I'd post a pic but I'm terrible at uploading pics onto this site.
    Plus anyway,you all have a real good laugh!

    I would get a hat on and go to a health food shop to see if they have a chemical free product to put on your scalp to soothe the pain. How long is your hair?

    Also can I suggest if this is the only thing on your hair you had on recently then you most likely had a reaction to the product,you should call up the company who make the hair dye for advice.
    Especially if your scalp is sore,I read about this before papers,like people they sue the companies etc.

    maybe you were allergic wait for the scalp to heal first i suggest if you are naturally dark haired dye your hair red first before you dye it back to brunette

    i know this cause that is what my mate(very good hairdresser) does when i have mine blonde

    I am a hairdresser, but not a practicing one at the moment.

    There are many influencing factors to be taken into consideration when dying your hair (even cutting it!).

    Shop bought bleach very rarely achieves the high lift that most people want especially if you have very dark hair or coarse hair.

    My advice is to go to a hairdresser you trust and ask for some advice on how to correct it, I think if you tried to correct it yourself you may damage it even further.

    Sorry to hear that it didn't work for you, I had many hair disasters myself when I was younger so I know how you feel.

    Hope you get it sorted and let us know how you get on.

    I would be surprised if a hair dresser would do anything with your hair at the moment seeing as your scalp is red and sore definitely allow your scalp to settle back to normal before you do anything yourself - only thing I can think of that may tone it a little is to buy a shader/toner which takes any brassy effect off and they are quite gentle to use - and when your scalp is back to normal I wouldnt waste money on home dyes for the brown shade as half off them dont stay put when hair has been bleached you find they constantly fade back to the bleach colour. So a hairdresser doing the dyeing I would recommend.

    Good luck and hope it gets back to normal soon for you :thumbsup:


    You'll need to get an intensive conditioner to help get your hair back into condition, GHD conditioner treats your scalp at the same time.
    How long is your hair??
    Are the ends wispy now you've bleached it??


    I am a qualified hairdresser.

    This happened to me at a hairdressers and it hurt for weeks, even cold water on it felt like it was burning.

    If you are going to go darker again (which would be better than more lightening), you have to put a red colour on your hair first as previously suggested. Then use a shade that is not too dark as the colour will grab and be darker for the first few washes anyway. Dont use an ash colour as it will go green/grey.

    Put lots of conditioner on and leave it for as long as you can before washing out in the meantime.

    At least it is colder and you can wear a hat.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the replies

    My scalp is covered in scabs today:-(
    So I think i'll leave it about a week before I try and put it right.
    Guess i'll be buying a hat today then lol.

    just a quick suggestion as you've got scabs....don't do anything else with any colouring kit unless you do a skin test first. I used to dye / lighten my hair and did it about 10 times in 3 years without any worries, then I had a mild reaction, sour scalp that went a bit scabby. However then next time I dyed it I had a pretty nasty reaction, my head swelled up and the skin on my scalp and ears looked burned, I had to go to the doctors and the pain from the swelling was awful. I honestly looked like Mr Potato-Head for a few days lol even my friends didn't recognise me. It's just not worth it...I've learned the hard way.


    I had a bald patch about the size of a fifty pence piece afer it happened to me. 3 years to get it back. Thats why I said to go darker and no more peroxide. My hair has been brown since, the only lightening I do is when I add my own extensions. All colours and just a bit of glue remover to remove. No damage.

    Yeh I've been put off after my incident,I think it happens a lot when home dying,you can't be sucessful all the time.However I could do with covering my grey,got a fair bit on top lately,will go to hairdressers next time.Must not be cheapskate all time.


    I am a qualified hairdresser, but my mishap happened at a high class salon. So these thing just happen. Now I will always do my own hair and havent had a problem in years.
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