hair still falling out!

    yep so my hair is still falling out, i go to the doctors and they laugh at me telling me its coz of when i had my little girl, however i had her 2 years ago, how can my hair still be falling out?
    it comes out by the hand fulls, lucky its growing back, so i haven't got any bold patches.
    any idea's why this might be happening???



    Its the Sinead O'Connor in you trying to come out.

    It happened to my Mrs, but our little one is now 2.5 and it isn't as bad now. I feel sorry for you women having to go through what you do. But what comes out in the end is worth everthing (well it is in my case).

    Hope you get it sorted and it stops soon. ;-)

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    lol, thanks for letting me know about your mrs, i glad im not the only one

    i has a similer experience after having my second child,the doctors kept on saying it was just hormonal but after arguing and back and forth to the doctors i had a couple ov blood tests turnes out i was very anemic that was the root cause!!!!!!
    ask your doctor for a blood test to check?:thumbsup:

    did you see a ghost at all?

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    thanks paulam i might do that

    happened to me for about 4 yrs
    breastfeeding can delay it happening untl u have finished feeding,my baby is 9 months and its not happened yet but i know as soon as i stop it will be falling out in clumps again

    Are you on the depo injection? This happened to me when I was on it - apparently the huge hit of hormones they give you can do.

    Your hormones should of regulated by now, don't listen to your doctor, he is talking nonsense!
    I would demand a hormone test to detect if your hormones are out of balance since having your baby. Correcting the hormone imbalance may stop your hair loss. If your thyroid gland is overactive or underactive, your hair may fall out. Like Sy said, stress is also a cause of hair loss, looking after kids is no easy job :thumbsup:
    You may have iron or a zinc deficiency, i could go on but whatever it is your doctor should be doing more to find out.
    I am suffering from hair loss, i didn't with my first, always the way! I have PCOS which is triggered by the hormones, when i start my medication again i am hoping it will stop. :thumbsup:

    hi there, the same thing has happened to me and i bought a hair tonic from the philip kingsley tricologists clinic. have also been taking super kelp which is really helping.

    My hair used to come out... but I didn't loose the little white bits at the root,
    it's much better now as i went on some anti depressents which helped, but i at the time was coming up to a major op...
    if it does all fall out buy some nice wigs! at least you'll be able to change your hairstyle everyday :oops:

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    thanks for all your help guys, you have all been fab.
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