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Found 11th Apr 2006
Hi all,

I'm looking for a hair straightener for my better half. It should be a rather higher-end model since she's got one BaByliss and well, it's quite working as it should (i.e. the hair is never perfectly straight).

I'd really appreciate your help!

Thanks in advance.


the best one is from ghd. i used hqhair.com to order one. there is a voucher in the voucher section. remember to order via quidco.com to get additional cashback. total comes to around 65 £ or so for the standard professional model.

I second that! HQHair and GHD are definitely recommended... I think there's another thread here about them too.

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If she's got quite Thick or very curly hair then she'll love you if you get the GHD Salon Styler, it has wider plates
I also recommend hqhair.com .
And don't forget eBay! There is a shop on eBay (seller has 22083postitiveFB) I bought from who does GHD's very cheap and most of the time you get free things like the GHD hair oil and mat which are quite expensive on their own!!

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Cheers sharon_uk. I acutally bought it from the ebay seller you recommended since I get free heatmat and thermal oil and 4 product samples. And that's all for 86.95 delivered. I'd probably use hqhair, but I'm in Poland right now, so I can't use quidco (you can only use quidco from UK IP addresses), but my better half is in UK and I want to make her a suprise.

So without quidco, hqhair would be actually more expensive. Plus I've heard some bad stories about them too... plus the thermal oil is out of stock anyway...

Karma given for all of you, of course!

The GHD are one of those items the wife wouldnt be without she loves them..

Any updates on this product - i.e. what deals are available now? The HQhair voucher no longer works so the deal isn't as good as it used to be.


The eBay store i mentioned above has changed it's name, heres the link if you wanted to have a look!

GHD's this wayhttp://smilies.vidahost.com/contrib/corky/corkysm60.gif

mod edit: sorry sharon_uk but eBay seller links aren't allowed in the forums


mod edit: sorry sharon_uk but eBay seller links aren't allowed in the … mod edit: sorry sharon_uk but eBay seller links aren't allowed in the forums

Sorry, I didn't realise

Could you PM me the link? Cheers!


Sorry, I didn't realise

That's okay I know you meant well posting them, but we have to keep the rule the same for everyone.

Thanks for your understanding.
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