Hair Straighteners

    My wife is after a new set of hair straighteners. Can anyone recommend a decent set ?



    our lass swears by these…htm

    twenty quid off at moment too

    Without a doubt, I'd go for GHD's. My mum and sister messed about with getting the cheaper pairs of ceramic straighteners but they ended up wasting money as they eventually bought GHD's! I've had mine for about 5 years now and they're still going strong

    I ordered this…php
    and the first one didn't work when I turned the ghd on. They sent me a replacement which works fine and are great but.... they never asked for the faulty pair to be returned!
    What are they worth? The rest of the package has never been opened and they are brand new!

    Sling them on ebay when it's free listing day / 10p listing and see what you get.


    I've got GHD's and they're the best straighteners I've ever used

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    What type of ones do you all have ?

    Which ones shoudl she be looking at getting ?

    I didn't know hair straighteners were so expensive, I looked at the GHD website and saw the ones my brother got for his daughter, £135 :w00t:

    They only worked for a day, and I had to send them back a few days ago.

    I agree with foz11 also same price at Boot with advantage points
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