Hair Straighteners - GHD's Overrated ?

Found 27th Feb 2012
I want to buy some hair straighteners, I've never owned any before and only tried them at hair salons and I've mainly seen them using GHD's. I know ASOS have some with £20 off at moment and I know about buying carefully as fakes knocking around elsewhere.

So I want to know are they good as all hyped up to be or would I be just aswell buy some for half the price or less from Argos/ Boots or similar.
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well when I cut peoples heads off (women) i like to streighten there hair before there head is framed for my gallery. I myself use cheap ones from argos.…htm

i bought the other half a set of ghd about 3 years ago and later found out they were fake , i never told her she has used them and not said a bad word about them and i only got her them as her other real ones broke
I would spend that little bit extra and buy GHD's, they are worth the money and in my experience you will pay just a bit less for something that is no way near as good. Be careful where you buy them from as my hairdresser told me there are fake websites about selling them. Buy them from a reputable place. Happy straight hairing!:3
I've used some that were £40 from an internet Company which were called Just strait. I thought they were good until I decided to buy some GHD's because my sister recommended them. I now wouldn't go back to using an alternative.
Don't buy the wide plated ones if you have long thick hair because you can't get close to the root.
We have had Ghd's but my daughter and I had our hair done in a salon and the straightners used were far better. They are Corioliss C2 titanium and I bought a pair on amazon. They are not as heavy as Ghd's and glide through hair.

I have shorter hair now so don't use them. My daughter now uses them every day and has long layered hair. Her hair is in good condition and she chicks the straightners around, so they are very durable!
I have GHDs as I was told by my hairdressing sister in law that they were the best!
Honestly, if they can tame my mane, they are the best!
However, my friend has the ones funny onion mentioned. Cheaper than GHDs but they seem just as good (borrowed them one day at work and they certainly did the trick!)
So, I suppose it's all budget dependant really, and if you want the name.
ghds not over rated i got some for Christmas they are brilliant had some before that that where a different make (cheaper )and the didn't work half as well
i got ghd's for xmas best i have ever used,would never go back to cheap ones now!
A good friend of mine says they the best but just wanting to ask here aswell. I normally can brush my hair and it's fairly tidy,okay not really nice and straight but usually does me. However I've moved and the water is different and my hair gone so wavy and almost curly. I've not changed anything else so must be water however mad that sounds. So I want to buy some, will order from somewhere that not got fake ones this week sometime.

Thank you everyone for their comments.
i had ghds and returned them, i have babyliss 230s, much hotter and easier to use, but i have thick hair
I have remington ones, not budget ones, they cost around £40. I've had them for about 2/3 years and I think they're brilliant. My sister has GHDs and Ive used them before but they make my hair static straight away and I still have to go over my hair a few times as I do with mine (I have very thick and curly hair) so to me they're of no extra benefit and worse as they make my hair so static.
love ghd's, dont own any as I am too poor and my hair is pretty straight when i blow dry it anyhoo but I do love them when I curl my hair, they're very hot!!
Ghds are really overrated! I've owned two in the past 3 years- ghd mark 4 and the newer gold one which is slightly lighter in weight. My sis also had the special edition black elegance and purple ones. Tbh I seriously don't know why people think they are so good? I now have a babyliss pro elegance straightener and trust me it's just as good if not better than a ghd and at half the price. I would go for this one over a ghd if I were you
I've always wondered what would happen if you GHD'd your pubic hair...

well when I cut peoples heads off (women) i like to streighten there hair … well when I cut peoples heads off (women) i like to streighten there hair before there head is framed for my gallery. I myself use cheap ones from argos.

Reported for being prejudice against cutting mens head's off
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