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    So I have to get the above for a christmas present. I was looking about for some and really have no clue which ones to get. I saw a booth in John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser with Jose Eber ones. I spoke to the guy (who had a put on Italian accent) and he said that they come with a lifetime guarantee. He claims if they break they will replace them straight(no pun intended) away. Does anyone own said item ar know anything about them? Any info would be great.


    My daughters, who all have "difficult" hair (they take after their mother), all say that there is nothing better than GHD straighteners. They're not cheap though! Nor unbreakable as I found to my cost. :roll:

    The Ghd's are supposed to be the best dont really know your budget but Ghd's are around the £100 mark maybe more, at the other end of the price spectrum are these
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    As above the best straighteners are the GHD's would be lost without them they are expensive but if you shop around you can get them for around £80 the next best I can recommend if you dont want to spend so much are the Babyliss they heat up to 230 degress and have a thermo control I have both just incase one let me down GHD have a 2 year garantee on there product and you cant go wrong as you can return them and if they cant be fixed will issue you with a new pair hope this helps.:santa:

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    It looks like GHD may be the way to go then. The reaso I wanted to find out about the Jose Eber ones was because they were like 130 quid. This is why I wanted to make sure they were decent but it sounds like GHD is a better choice. Thanks for your help, rep is on the way.

    Glad you decided to go for GHD's cant go wrong with them and they last forever if you look after them. Someone going to love you such a present best of luck and Happy Christmas.:santa:

    Have to agree, have tried all types of hair straightners and you can't go wrong with GHDs. I did once have a faulty pair and when I sent them back to GHD they sent me a new pair out!

    Worth every penny ;-)

    My brother gets GHDs for £70 the special edition white ones with loadsa stuff in box! Gets them at Cost Price.....i think im having some for xmas...x
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