Haircut = Success

    U like?? or was it better long?? i like in between, but i like to let it grow to inbetween lol


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    Your in the wrong thread :w00t:

    It makes you look younger ! :-D

    Yeap get your a$$ to the other thread!


    Did you do it yourself?

    Looking Fresh Fam!

    ohhhh dear :?

    does make your nose look bigger a bit

    Am I the only one who's getting sick of seeing his mug? lol

    Makes you look much younger


    Yeh we've had enough face shots I reckon:whistling:

    Lol trust you.

    i like the short hair better, the other style is an out of date brit-pop haircut


    I like it, looks good :thumbsup:

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    does make your nose look bigger a bit

    dammit i knw tht would happen, now do u guys see why i complain bout the big nose :lol:

    you starting in year 7 next week? lol

    What day do we go back to school Micoo?

    free pair of knickers with that made you look like a right *unt


    at least grow some sideburns m'ego lmao

    much better shorter!!!

    pre haircut = hot
    post haircut = under the age of consent lol!

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    pre haircut = hotpost haircut = under the age of consent lol!

    :lol::lol: its shorter than i wanted it but hair grows:lol: besides most of the pics i post these days dont feature my face :lol:
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