I know might sound like a weird request want to do some thing different with my hair and asking if any one has any websites of pictures of different mens hairstyles? Women have there bloody magazines so easy for them, any would be great!!!! thanks


    Posted this in the wrong place I thinks Try shockwave site, and places like that.

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    Worth a shot werent it someone may know somewhere?


    Worth a shot werent it someone may know somewhere?

    Not as in wrong website, wrong section.

    Comments and suggestions are for issues regarding the website. FOr example any ideas you have in which you may think improve the site.

    Your question should go in the misc section. You'll get a response, just PM a mod to move it for you

    My bad wording, do appologise.

    Try your local barber/salon? They have books with pictures of various hairstyles in my local.
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